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⢠Chinese Knife Conquest ⢠2009 Emmy's = Lame ⢠El Topo's lame, ego-stroking, over-emotional douche-baggie video ⢠El Topo's Fake Laugh ⢠Out-Alpha Weirdo-Freaks: Dream & El Topo ⢠Why do these "Gurus" have their girlfriends with them everywhere - LAME ⢠Jason Savage [Arby's] is a Douche ⢠Jeremy Sisto ⢠Tomorrow: Watch A Horror Movie Then Go To A Cemetery At Night Alone Show EPISODE #76 [#264] WED.

OCTOBER 6, 2009 ⢠"The Talk" ⢠Gunwitch on the show!

⢠Quinn: on Tyler [Owen Cook] ⢠How To Get Chicks, by Quinn ⢠Barry wants an Agent ⢠Space Docking ⢠How to move "On To The Next One [Girl]" ⢠The "N" Bomb: Quinn confronts Barry's usage ⢠Awkward: Barry misses Quinn's stand-up show ⢠Freestylin: Quinn C.

In several known cases, Internet adultery became the grounds for which a couple divorced.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2009 ⢠Addicted to 9/11 Theories ⢠Debate: Loose Change vs.

⢠Real Talk ⢠BKC On Demand: Rev31 Short Stories [1 of 31] ⢠Papa Tweeting Too Hard Again!

Martin [MC Multiple Sclerosis] ⢠The Blueprint 3: Jay-Z ⢠Black Meanings: Real Talk ⢠Listener Email ⢠Homosexuals ⢠Who Let the Dogs Out?

⢠Shalom ⢠On Demand: Rev31 Short Stories (2 of 31) briefly discussed ⢠Jay-Z's new album: The Blueprint 3 EPISODE #81 [#269] THURS.

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