Xbox not updating video library

Check the Achievements Leaderboard to see who among your friends has unlocked the most over the last 30 days, compare scores and find a list of all the games you've ever unlocked an achievement on.This is a list of every person you have added as a friend and on your list currently, and every game you either own on Xbox One or Xbox 360 Backwards Enjoy the freedom and ease of digital games.

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And with pre-purchase, pre-download, you can order and play the minute it becomes available in your region.

Using the app is really simple, but we've made a guide for you in case there are some things you weren't aware of!

The Xbox Windows 10 app is an application available on all your compatible Windows 10 Devices – even if that's phones, tablets, PCs or laptops.

Whether you use it just to keep up with what your friends have been playing while you're offline, or to stream games from your Xbox to your Windows 10 device, the Xbox Windows 10 app has you covered for these things and a lot more.

Please note: An active Xbox Live Gold membership is still required for multiplayer on Xbox One.

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