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Izana also aspired to become one, but was unable to do so.Joining the army instead, he took on a more active role and promised that the disaster that befell his village would never happen again.When Izana met up with Machina again his heart had been closed off.

I’ve managed to build up some great relationships with some awesome companies. You really need to check out Alpha Brain, a cognitive enhancer that makes your brain work more effectively.Ever since he was young, the calm but energetic Izana enjoyed talking to peddlers who passed through the village about their travels and their journey.During the burning of the village, Izana had been away traveling with one of these peddlers for about a month. He realized he had forgotten about most of the villagers, but still remembered Machina and his childhood friend Rem, knowing the two were still alive, as the Crystals of Orience are known to erase the memories of the dead from the living.He wears the standard maroon cloak of a dominion legionary, and his facial features are similar to those of his brother's, Machina.Izana has a fondness for chocobos, but seems more serious in nature than he appears.

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