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As an American journalist covering South Africa's second all-race elections, you are excited to find that people here feel strongly about exercising their right to vote. Because of the enormous turnout, some people will have to wait more than four hours to vote.Nelson Mandela, the national hero who became president in 1994, has turned down a second term. All of South Africa holds its breath to see what happens. Afler you return to the United States, your editor asks you to write an article comparing the attitudes toward democracy and elections in South Africa and in the United States.Both South Africa and the United States had seen the struggles for freedom in southern Africa as a threat because some liberation leaders were socialists.To undermine the new governments, South Africa aided rebel groups in both countries that wanted power for themselves.

Portugal responded by sending almost its entire army to defend its last outposts of empire.The end of the Cold War and South Africa's move to majority rule helped stop the conflict.Although the task of rebuilding was staggering, by the late 1990s, many had confidence that democratic reforms would succeed.South Africa supported a rival Chapter 36group, supplying weapons and troops.The United States, too, tried to undermine the Soviet-backed government.

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