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I have attempted to send a "Full Name" notify when I send 'Selected Person' notify, but it doesn't make it work either.Can anybody tell me why the Combo Box isn't updating when I change the First Name text? I am using INotify Property Changed in my code behind to notify when "Selected Person" is changed.This appears to work fine updating the Text Block, but for some reason, Combo Box isn't updating with the new "Full Name".The approach I went with uses a Collection View which is a class included with .NET that encapsulates a list and the concept of a current item as well as supporting the INotify Property Changed interface. I set the Is Sychronized With Current Item to true to allow us to track the current item on the Items Source.

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Selected Item="" I'd make the Cell Template and Cell Editing Template both reference your edit template while debugging this, to eliminate the other, irrelevant, template until you get it sorted out.Filter = methodname, in the Current Changed eventhandler of the Collection View. Do i need to use a Obeservable Collection instead of Collection View?It runs the filter method allright but the View wont update even with my Collection View. I really liked Collection View approach so would be nice i could stick to that.While there are lots of examples of how to do this with Text boxes, List boxes, and even master-detail views, it seems that examples for binding Combo boxes are a little thin on the ground.What I wanted to do was bind the items in the Combo Box to a list in my View Model and to track the currently selected item.

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