Whos kat von d dating

From her missionary upbringing in Mexico to her many makeup business controversies to her medical decisions for her child, Kat Von D lives in a different world than you do.A good way to completely destroy your reputation and life is to be a rumored anti-Semite.All the negative responses she gets, especially on social media, just seem to make her more set in her quirky ways.And just like you might expect from someone who is working on a full bodysuit of tattoos (except on her chest so guys will still look at her face, obviously) a lot of things about her life have been less than normal.She was also once accused of signing an autograph to her former (Jewish) boss that said, "Burn in hell, Jewbag." TLC supposedly had handwriting experts look into it and concluded there was a 99 percent chance Kat wrote it, but it has never officially been proven.We know for sure the vegan once compared factory farming of animals to the Holocaust on Facebook. Since then she has divided opinion of viewers and other artists alike, and she knows it.

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Kat said she wanted to have a natural, drug-free home birth, which, you know, owwww, but a totally fine decision as long as there are no complications.

And once the child was born she wasn't going to feed him any animal products either; again, totally safe if done correctly.

But then she said she wasn't going to vaccinate her son. Because suddenly it wasn't just her choice and one for her child, but something that could affect the world at large.

And while the life and death of animals in that situation is hardly great, it's still a pretty insensitive comparison.

But perhaps worst was when she named a lipstick in her successful makeup range "Selektion," a now-taboo German word that described picking prisoners to die in concentration camps.

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