Who wwe stars are dating

They are at the top of their game and are stronger than the average Joe on the street.When your career demands you to be thrown around, beat up, and smacked down, you have to be in tip-top shape.She did say yes but later called off the engagement without giving a reason. This NXT member and half of the Iconic Duo remembers the life-changing email she received from the WWE early one morning in 2014.She had been offered a WWE contract and could hardly contain her excitement.Recently signed to the WWE, Riott has made a name for herself in the biz.

She called herself “Heidi Lovelace.” Ruby Riott has been a part of the wrestling scene since 2010, taking part in the indie Shimmer Women Athlete circuit, and World Wonder Ring Stardom, to name a few.Sarah was almost off the market when she got engaged this year with fellow WWE and War Machine fighter Raymond Rowe.She Instagrammed a beaming Rowe on bended knee, offering her a ring.She had been part of the WWE roster since 2006 when she was 19, and she stayed with the company until 2012.She won the 2011 WWE Divas Title a year prior to leaving the WWE.

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