Who is uti nwachukwu dating who is mike white dating

Well I agree, I may be an idiot for breaking this News but continue giving your Boyfriend reasons to deny you and you will end up being the idiot…Enough said! Nigerian model, actor and TV personality Uti Nwachukwu has written a new piece exclusively for BN.

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However, it is possible that they may both deny this further as TBoss has been posting denials since last night on her Instagram handle…

I am comforted by the forefathers saying that we cannot hide love or pregnancy or drunkenness.

A post shared by Stella dimoko korkus (@stelladimokokorkus) on ALSO READ: BBNaija’s Khloe speaks about her secret marriage to Kbrule Reacting to the reports, Uti took to his Instagram page to share a lovely photo of the pair together.

It’s crazy shocking and alarming that till now people still succumb to pressure and just marry the next person they date! In my opinion it is better to die single than to marry and be stuck with the wrong person! If you did a good job at it, you should trust your kids enough to make the right adult decisions at the right time! Some of you have forced your kids into abusive relationships just so that you can save face and Brag that ! And trust religious Fanatics to say God said a man shall leave his house and find a wife…etc. But ALAS THERE is a commandment that clearly states: THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY!!!

You have lived your lives, produced and raised good children… Yes Jesus said if you cannot hold yourself from fornicating then marry! I don’t think people know what marriage vows are o!!!

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