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These tapes were part of a program that cost me some 0.Each tape, sold by the Midwest Center for Stress & Anxiety, is designed to help people learn the skills to defeat anxiety and depression without medication.Safeguarding your children against sexual predators is not easy.

The gist was that the Center had used misleading claims and credentials to charge them a lot of money for programs that didn’t work (or at least hadn’t worked for them).

It only means that you have more pain than you can cope with right now.” Continue Reading Leave a Comment Posted by Lucinda Bassett in Anxiety, Coach, Depression, Grief, Health, Illness, Loneliness, Loss, Lucinda Bassett, Mental Illness, Negative Thinking, Positive Thinking, PTSD, Relationships, Sadness, Sexual Abuse, Starting Over, Truth Be Told.

Getting back into the dating game is quite challenging, especially after a painful breakup, or loss of your significant other. Enjoy the article I have included below “The Joys of Midlife Dating.” What are your thoughts on middle-aged dating? In addition, Middle-aged dating will be the topic for the November 1st broadcast of Truth Be Told, my radio show airing 11 am PST on LA TALK LIVE.

(Check out his SHAMblog) He wrote: This past June 7 (2008), 53-year-old David Bassett walked onto a California beach and ended his life with a shotgun.

This took place not far from the home he shared with his wife, Lucinda.

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