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I like to read books by these clever people, but the music tractates make me cringe.It's like reading someone droning on and on about their pet cat.

I frequently come across writing about "underrated" "cult albums" having a "mystical aura", and these phrases are certainly used with abandon about means a lot to me.Johnny Depp, River Phoenix, LSD guru Timothy Leary, and a fire that almost destroyed the source materials – the production of John Frusciante's first solo album featured many famed figures and unusual events.When Niandra La Des and Usually Just a T-Shirt came out in 1994, Frusciante was 24, reclusive, addicted to drugs and painting pictures in his home.And as for the characterisation of it by the shopkeeper in Oulu, it definitely is strange.When I got to my room and played it, I got my first glimpses of the subconscious, sex, depression, insanity and drugs.

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