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Pop singers Nick and Jessica had a whirlwind romance in the early 2000s.

At the time of their relationship, they were both skyrocketing into stardom and the combination of them together helped push their popularity.

The former couple met by introduction at the Hollywood Christmas Parade in 1998.

At the time Nick was still a member of the popular boy band 98 Degrees and Jessica was beginning her musical career.

He said he knew he was falling for Simpson after he watched her perform for the first time.

“I watched her sing and saw the way people responded.” 2 Nick and Jessica had been dating for three years when they briefly broke up for a whopping five months.

Her entire image was based around being the innocent girl next door and she quickly became a role model for young women.

After their lavish Hollywood wedding, they both decided to take on a reality television show as newlyweds and could be found in the living rooms of home all over America.They were both using the same manager and he was the one who introduced them.After he met her for the first time he told his band members, “I’m going to marry that girl.” They began dating after they met again at a Teen People event in January 1999.In 2002, Jessica’s father and manager, Joe Simpson, learned about the idea for the show and pitched the idea of a new show starring his daughter and new son-in-law, Nick Lachey.Despite both of their regrets today, the show sparked a lot of interest in Jessica Simpson and definitely helped her gain popularity; however, many of her “dumb blonde” comments will follow her forever!

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