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One of their daughters has followed the footsteps of both of the parents and have chosen politics as the profession and have joined Villanova for her education. Recently rumors are that they are already divorced.

Some still say they thought about it and aren’t fully convinced to end almost 21 years of married life.

The 53-years-old journalist stands the height of 5 feet and 4 inches tall weighing 65 kg.

Having a fine body measurement of 34-24-36 inches, Mac Callum looks stunning as she flaunts her curves in any of her wardrobe pieces.

Mac Callum currently resides with her husband and children in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Most of the personalities of the Fox news are quite straightforward and conservatives supported including Martha Mac Callum.

The right-wing media often get into controversies, and so does its beautiful women.

It was very fortunate for Martha to know Gregory who graduated from Villanova University, who was working with Dow Jones and Company at the time when they got married.

Not only did Gregory has a tremendous hardworking attitude but even his father gives him the credit for being a founder of And today, their family is so complete.

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