Who is bernie ecclestone dating

He son of a Suffolk trawlerman, he was never shown much love as a child.The young Bernard was eight by the time his parents Sidney and Bertha gave him his first birthday cake and as he grew older he took to spending his time in a shed in the garden where he would tinker with motorcycle engines and parts.He left school at 16 and raced motorbikes before graduating to cars, firrst as a driver, then as a driver manager and finally as a team owner.Twenty years after marrying his first wife, Ivy, in 1952 Ecclestone bought the Brabham F1 outfit for £100,000 and this gave him automatic membership of the Formula One Constructors Association (F1CA), the body that was to give him the powerbase from which to dominate F1 for decades.Instead of waxing indignant and marching off to confront Chapman, Ecclestone said: “Pay me half and you can.”In many ways this anecdote encapsulates everything you need to know about Ecclestone. But on Monday the 86-year-old who had seen off at least three attempts to depose him in the 40 years he spent at the top of F1 was finally forced out by the men from Liberty Media, the US corporate giant that has just completed a £6.4billion takeover of the sport.It’s a sad day for the man who once said: “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.” But Ecclestone can look back on a rags-to-riches story which is calculated to inspire anyone brought up on the wrong side of the tracks.Ecclestone finally sold the commercial rights Formula 1 to Liberty Media in January 2017 following approval from the sport's governing body this year.The FIA said its partnership with Liberty will "ensure the continued success and development" of F1.

The takeover of the sport cost the American company £6.4 billion.Over the course he has had three marriages: to Ivy Bamford, model Slavica Radic and his current wife Fabiana Flosi.Fabiana's mother was kidnapped in her native Brazil last August.At the first meeting he attended he disarmed his fellow members by pouring the tea and so when he suggested he be given the right to negotiate the sale of TV rights and a sizeable chunk of the revenue the idea was waved through.“TV was peripheral to the sport at the time so no one saw the significance of this move,” Tom Bower, the author of a biography called No Angel: The Secret Life Of Bernie Ecclestone, wrote later.“But it became the cornerstone of his fortune as he singlehandedly transformed motor racing from an underfunded sport into an international TV phenomenon watched by billions.He became owner not only of the hospitality and advertising rights at race circuits worldwide but also the lucrative TV rights in more than 100 countries.”By 1982, the 5ft 2in Ecclestone was a figure to be reckoned with in the pits.

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