Who is agnes bruckner dating

is a supernatural thriller about a small town where dead people don’t always stay dead. AE: I know that the show is really closely based on a French series of the same name (), did you watch that at all to prepare for your role? I didn’t see it before I auditioned, but then after I got [the part of Nikki] I watched the French version. AE: I know [] is such a different take on the traditional zombie story, but I was wondering if you looked to that genre at all for inspiration?

Officer Nikki Banks, played by the lovely Agnes Bruckner, is a tough cop trying to keep the peace during the town’s crisis, while also protecting her ex-girlfriend, Julie. I think I watched the whole thing in, like, two days or something. AB: We kind of did our own thing, because it’s not really a zombie-type show for me.

Film critic Roger Ebert wrote that Bruckner “negotiates this difficult script with complete conviction.” Bruckner received an Independent Spirit Award nomination for “Best Female Lead” for the role.

Anges started her career when she was just 11 years old appearing in different commercials.

However, her debut in the acting industry was made in the year .

Bruckner was born in Hollywood, California to a Hungarian father and a Russian mother who have since divorced; her paternal grandfather was German. She speaks some Russian and fluent Hungarian, and can read and write Hungarian, having grown up speaking the language. She has been involved in dance, ballet, and tap since the age of five and initially wanted to pursue a career as a dancer.

Her parents met in Hungary and immigrated to the U. During her childhood, Bruckner worked as a child model at the suggestion of her mother, as well as appeared in a beauty pageant.

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