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He blames her for something she couldn’t have controlled in the first place and stops being her friend for a good amount of time.If there’s one thing that’s true about Ron, it’s that he doesn’t have a lot of tact.

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Would it have been a betrayal of Ron, or would Ron’s feelings for his bushy-haired buddy have been written out of the story completely? When the book ended, all of the main characters were under age 20.

Hermione did a ton of emotional labor, planning, and studying throughout the series that she wasn’t ever property acknowledged for.

If you’ve been keeping up with the bookish internet recently, you’ve heard the news that J. Rowling has announced that she made a mistake having Ron and Hermione end up together. One of my favorite things about the series is the fact that it’s not the hero who gets the girl.

Here are the ten times that Harry and Ron were the worst friends to Hermione.

Ron has feelings for Hermione but clearly doesn’t know how to act on them.

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