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A hint of an accent, but still I scratched off my guess that she doesn't speak English well. Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you from southeast Asia? Ever since that afternoon, she'd made it a habit to come hang out with me every weekend on that balcony. It's really stifling hot inside," she asked me, no trace of shyness. There was silence for a beat, and I broke it."I sort of made deductions. Mostly, I was looking for variety."I didn't know what she meant, but she prevented me from asking more when she suddenly spoke."I know what the people here say about me. "I know they think Kurt bought me from my homeland," she opened her eyes and looked at me, holding my gaze. I sputtered a little before admitting I was curious. Somehow, I felt like she became more of a mystery after talking to me that afternoon.

Besides, there obviously was some antagonism between us, on his end at least.

I've been next door neighbors with Kurt for several years, and as far as I can remember, he lived in with only one long time relationship that has been over for more than five years now. Also probably why he hides her in there.""You're sick," I gave him a disgusted look. "She nodded at me, her eyes closed as she felt the weak breeze on her face. We only get two seasons a year, but I didn't realize it could get this hot in the US too."I was fine talking about the weather, however the question that left my mouth was "Is that why you left? I learned more things from her through those conversations.

We usually acknowledged each other by a short noncommittal "How's it going? We weren't close by any standards, but we looked out for each other the way neighbors naturally do. Although, on an unspoken agreement, we never let Kurt see these hang outs.

We stared at each other for a beat, a thousand questions running through my mind. but before I could ask anything she leaned close and started kissing me.

I felt the strangest sensation as soon as I tasted her tongue. Lia Her message didn't make sense at first but after rereading it several times, it gave me the sinking feeling that this is her suicide note.

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