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If you weren’t a voyeur when you started, those dressing room cams could turn you into one.What I noticed was that every time a new dancer entered the room in her street clothes, I started anticipating her undressing.Gorgeous girls in t-shirts and G-strings were smoking cigarettes and brushing their hair and lounging around and whatnot.

Balancing act on high heels, or plain heel fucking, these strippers will have you hooked.On the strip club dressing room cams I’ve watched, a typical evening meant you could watch the dancers enter in their street clothes, fix their hair, eat their lunches, and sit around smoking and texting.After that, they would tend to spend some more time fixing their hair, fixing each other’s hair, putting on their make-up, taking off their street clothes, rubbing lotion on their bodies, getting into their stage outfits, etc.Basically, strip clubs that stream their stage shows online set up their web cams so that their main stage show can be viewed over the Internet by anyone The cameras I’ve seen have been fixed (you have no pan/tilt/zoom options) and the live streaming video is not high-res, though it’s pretty decent for a full-screen live show that you can watch from home or on your phone any time at no charge.Here are a few screen captures that show the basic quality.

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