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15-17 of my edition of the Pervigi Uum^ and I will only add here for the sake of completeness that Claude de Saimiaise believed, for reasons of style and diction, that the poem was written in the time of G. d/or t: 8 58 duoad /r sustinet ; T 81 tuus /or tutus.

/f BIBLIOGRAPHIGAL AND OTHER STUDIES ON THE PERVIGILIUM VENERIS COMPILED FROM RESEARCH IN THE LIBRARY OF THE BRITISH MUSEUM BT CECIL CLEMENTI, M. LATE DEMY OF MAODALEN COLLEGE, OXFORD ASSISTANT COLOKIAL SECBETARY, BOKOKOKO OXFORD B. BLACKWELL, BROAD STREET LONDON : HUMPHREY MILFORD OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, AMEN CORNER, E. NEW YORK, TORONTO, MELBOURNE, & BOMBAY 1913 Digitized by Google 0X70BD: BOBAOE HABT PBINTIB TO TBI UNIVBBBITT Digitized by Google 'c Bl BLld URAl'lll CAL AJUn OTHER STUDIES ON THE PERVIGILIUM VENERIS COMPl LEl D FROM RESEARCH 'V THE LIBRARY OK THE BRITISH MUSEt TM v.- r- T-t-Hi P k'-U'UKL' . I It appears from a passage in the Adagia of Desiderius Erasmus (a. 1467- 1536), the second edition of which was printed at Venice in 1508,^ that Aldo Manuzio,^ his publisher, had recently shown him the MS., found in a very ancient French library, of a Carmen de Vere, ascribed by the copyist to Catullus. t: S 16 tumentis and T 16 tumtis^ umentes (dittographic error) : S 51 fiindat for fiinde ; S 21 tumenti ^iunenti(dittograpluc error); T 23 detq; r abnae ; S 62 alteret /or aleret ; T 89 tacer& /or tacere. S 19 and T 19 in ; probably en is the correct reading. h : 8 7 and T 7 trono Digitized by Google BIBLIOGRAPHIOAIi STUDIES S8 forfhrono; T 48 ybleis^Hyblaeis ; T 41 h in ehoro B inserted by afierlhoug M ; S 45 baocus and T 44 haccaajbr Bacchus. Le Uers iorongly inserted, n : S 31 inte for ite ; T 8 quinq; for quique ; T 85 adsonant /or adflonat r : S (in title) and T (in postscript) peruiigilium for peruigilium ; T 62 uernas for uenas. S 17 and T 17 et ; probably en is the correct reading. Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. GObbel inserts the refrain twice and makes several minor transpositions which are not dependent Digitized by Google BIBLIOa EAPHICAL STUDIES 48 on his strophic rearrangement ; but the main objection to his scheme is that the strophic correspondence achieved is very confused and uns3rmmetrica L (b) Bergk supposes five lacunae of 16 lines in all, makes numerous trans- positions which are not forced upon him by difficulties of interpretation, and even so produces a poem oi most ungainly structure. Heidtmann in 1842, the anonymous Leipzig edition of 1852, 0. Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. (c) Bachelor, without sufficient reason, rejects two lines (62 and 72) and transposes unnecessarily the whole passage 68-80 to precede line 18.

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