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I had a play - almost every single person who saw me play a game on it was VERY interested in it. They didn't advertise it all, didn't push it at all. I feel like it didn't have enough games to justify its existence at the time.Maybe with all those Nvidia shield games running on android, sony should try xperia play 2 with tegra chip or something?Why does Sony waste its time with the Vita and compete in a crowded smartphone space when it could easily create new market share by creating a true phone / handheld gaming hybrid?What kind of gamer actually wants to carry a separate controller peripheral around at all times?Yeah, it seems a bit less of an attractive option to be but maybe Sony is thinking like this too, i don't know...The prevailing wisdom is that weak sales are the reason why Sony never followed up with a successor device.It came out against the Galaxy S2 with Galaxy S1 specs.

The original Xperia Play was a great concept, but has obsolete hardware by today's standards.Without the Bravia engine, the 4in screen is disappointingly dim.The 480 x 854 resolution displays a vivid, warm colour range and impressive sharpness, but indirect light quickly spoils the view, while direct sunlight converts the glossy, thumb-print-loving screen into an expensive compact mirror.This has been driving me nuts because it seems like Sony is acting as irrationally as possible.I wasn't into mobile phones, or even Sony, when the Xperia Play was released, but I think it was support that ended up crippling any future plans or updates for it.

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