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I wasn't suggesting that you remove the xmlns as a permanent solution, but rather to help identify a bug iis MSDeploy.

If it starts working when the xmlns is removed, that means there is still a product which can be fixed before final release later this summer.

To make customizing web.config files easier, Share Point Foundation provides two ways to make changes.

First, you can declaratively register web.config entries by creating an XML file that contains a set of web.config modifications. file deployed to %Program Files%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\CONFIG, where XYZ is a unique ID that you use to identify your solution.

Not trying to tell you how to suck eggs, just thought I'd note it for anyone's prospective interest... Thanks to nkvu which directed me to a his first link which in turn sent me to Williarob's post "Override Configuration Manager" I managed to find a solution to my question. Changes that you define through the object model or through XML are always applied when you create a Web application.Web.config files are contained in the following folders within the file system: When a Share Point Foundation Web application is created, a top-level web.config file is placed within the content root folder of the Web application, which defines configuration settings for the server such as HTTP handling for Web Parts.For an example that shows how to create a custom web.config file to change settings, see How to: Create a Supplemental .config File. file, you can use the Share Point Foundation object model to modify web.config settings.For an example that shows how to modify settings programmatically, see How to: Add and Remove Web.config Settings Programmatically.

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