Updating mytouch slide how to consolidating 401k ira

Not too long ago, things were pretty simple in T-Mobile's Android land.

For us (the nerds, geeks, power users, early adopters, and other misbegotten social deviants) there was the G series of phones with plain Android, culminating recently with LG's delightful G2x.

The Slide also offers an onscreen keyboard in both portrait and landscape mode and a Swype keyboard, so you have plenty of options when it comes to text input, which is great.

Below the screen, there are four shortcut keys--home, menu, back, and the Genius button (more on this later)--and an optical track pad that doubles as a select button.

For a long time, T-Mobile led the charge as the only carrier with Android phones.

But in the past few months, Verizon and Sprint have brought out some crowd favorite Android phones like the Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Incredible, and HTC Evo 4G.

That said, you're not getting the stock Android 2.1 experience with the My Touch 3G Slide.

You still get the staple features: Google services, Microsoft Exchange support, full HTML Web browser, Quickoffice, as well as some of the latest capabilities such as Google Maps with Navigation and speech-to-text.

The My Touch 3G Slide will be available starting June 2 in black, red, or white.

The controls are somewhat small and close together, so we had a number of mispresses.

There's a volume rocker on its left side, and a camera activation/capture button is on the right side.

The sliding mechanism isn't the smoothest we've seen, but it seems strong and the screen securely locks into place. It doesn't have quite the high-quality feel of the Motorola Cliq's keyboard, but its spacious layout makes it easy to use and reduces errors.

However, it did take us some time to learn where all the different symbols were, so we weren't able to compose messages quickly at first.

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