Updating machine config

The default location for this folder is C:\Mach3 but if you chose an alternate locationwhen installing you should know where to look for it.I recommend copying your entire Mach3root folder to insure you have everything but the main files you need to back up are:1. This is the file that holds all of your configuration settings. Any custom brains you may be using.2) Make sure your new PC meets the minimum recommended requirements. 3) Download Mach3.

However, one of the disadvantages of these files is that as an IT Administrator or Architect, you would need to understand the Syntax of these tags along with their attributes.

This section allows you to configure a different App Setting value than that of the value specified in the Web. Let’s give some other value to the “SMTPServer Name” key as shown below.

Just to refresh, below are the values that we have provided for SMTPServer Name key.

This will preferably be to a thumb drive or other mobile storage device so you caneasily transfer files from one PC to another.

The files needed can be found in your Mach3 rootfolder.

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