Updating dates in an update query

The reason your updates are not working, Ansgar, is not due to errors with Heidi or ISO format.

The problem is caused by time precision in SQL Server.

UPDATE searches for whatever record or records that satisfy its WHERE condition.

Then the update statement overwrites each record’s columns that it was told to.

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Details in: International Date Formats in Access at: the dates are calculated ones, typecasting them in the query can also help: Calculated fields misinterpreted at: Allen Browne - Microsoft MVP. Tips for Access users - to group, rather than allenbrowne at mvps dot org.We know now that this is not true, so I must be sure to have that tested on other servers as well before I put that into Heidi SQL. The user said that this ISO format throws a similar error (in Spanish).Hmm, although not impossible, I find it very unlikely that there are no milliseconds in that field.The SQL statement UPDATE is a crossbreed between INSERT and DELETE.It doesn’t exactly do either of them, but it has similar properties of each.

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