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However, Pierce decided to take his talents elsewhere, announcing his decision on Twitter.https://twitter.com/Justin Pierce23/status/1123980591949594624Another way to replace what was lost would have been Lester Quinones but it sounds like his relationship with the program has cooled off and his 247sports crystal ball have him leaving towards a Memphis commitment.

One of the last hopes of bringing on outside talent for the up and coming season is the younger brother of Moritz Wagner.

We were very much looking forward to that point, of course, most of all, so that he would no longer have the burden of working at a workplace where he was not appreciated by some people, and not treated well by some people — including, it's clear to him, the person who compiled what he calls the "hit list" used to terminate him and others. Like Steve, they were informed that this was it, take it or leave it, stripped of their employee i.d.'s, told not to go back to their office — and goodbye, keep warm and well-fed. He asked the new supervisor half his age why she had not done him the courtesy to talk to him about his retirement plans, and she snapped back, "Everyone has a story." It goes without saying that all of this has created grief and anxiety for us, especially about managing our finances up to September 2020 when, God willing, we'll be free of our house note payments.

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But we hear from folks who are in the know that what the public is being told and what is happening are not the same thing, and that "quiet" terminations continue taking place.

If you're genuinely interested in my life and Steve's (and, I'd suggest, the lives of other gay people and gay couples in our world), then you may be interested in what I have to say now.

At the end of March, the day before my 69th birthday, Steve was called into the office of his new boss, a newly hired 37-year-old woman.

Our reason for thinking this was possible: the contract he signed on the spot on March 29 stated that he would be on call to work — but not in his office, only at home — up to the end of April.

Several days later, he was called in to help train the two people hired to replace him, and the new supervisor told him that he had signed a contract stipulating that he would be required to be on call through the end of June.

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