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Below a video of a It’s On Us public service announcement, there are six links you can visit — the two most relevant are “Report an Incident” and “Understanding Title IX.” The former lets you report to Student Affairs and the latter to a Title IX coordinator (without anonymity).

Along with providing actual links to forms, the FIU website describes what the different investigations actually look like.

If you are seeking a pre-licensure, pre-certification, or seeking to meet continuing education requirements, UF Professional Development can help.

The same error appears on their “Sexual Violence Response” page.

Unlike other sites, this site gives victims the contact information they need, like the Victim Advocate and Title IX report, at the top of the page, and additional resources, like what men can do to prevent gendered violence and tips for bystanders, toward the bottom.

However, victims clicking through the Q&A page can only view UCF’s “Immediate Steps” page on certain questions.

The University Press ranked ten Florida public universities’ online sexual assault resources by their user-friendliness — and FAU’s wound up in the middle.

FAU’s website isn’t the most organized, and victims may have to do some digging, but it will still eventually lead you to all the resources you need.

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