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You were in a bad situation, and you foolishly embraced whatever good came your way. You two are always together and seem more like a couple than the actual couples you hang out with. Will these almost-but-not-quite relationships ever lead to being exclusive? With the continual introduction of new apps, dating sites, and more perspectives regarding sexuality, comes the introduction of new, indefinable relationships. One thing remains the same, however -- the only way to label your relationship is to have a conversation.You've been texting for weeks/months, but haven't met yet. You're essentially in a relationship; you just haven't called it that yet. You'll have to be very vulnerable, and this conversation may or may not give you the results you want.It was a mistake, but you're the only one who sees it that way. You're vulnerable, and somebody comes in and sweeps you off your feet -- or so you think.As time passes, you realize these feelings are superficial and that you've unintentionally led this person on.A placeholder relationship happens when you're seeing somebody you don't feel strongly for.You've ended a serious relationship but aren't ready to start a new one.The number and variations of types of pre-exclusive relationships isn't always easy for older generations to understand.

While I really like Andrew as a friend, I am absolutely not interested in him romantically. Then one day Andrew asked me if I wanted to catch a movie/have dinner.

Because it's better having this person as a friend than not having them in your life at all.“I like you, but I'm not looking for a relationship right now.” We've all said it, and we've all heard it.

And we all know it's a complete BS, because everybody's ready for a relationship with the person.

While they'd like things to be more serious between you two, you know deep down that the relationship isn't going anywhere. And after the bad news comes out, the relationship usually fizzles.

You want relationship with this person other than sex. Every now and then, on a drunk evening out, you call your ex and take a cab to their place for some fun.

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