Trina and plies dating absolutely latin dating

Plies said that he only worked with her so that he could get a head start on his rapping business. i heard that he did not get killed, i heard that he got shot by the rapper PLIES but I'm not completely sure as if I'm right!!!my cousin told me that TORRANCE HATCH and PLIES is beefing!!!!

She put on for the ladies and that’s a great part of this culture of Hip Hop.” “Love Foxy,” she said. When I first met her, I always thought she was talented. I kind of came into the game signed under a major label and an independent label, but with such notable artists as Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Plies and myself which became one of the biggest independent labels there was.Also Nicki Minaj and Trina act just a like except Nicki Minaj likes both girls and boys (bi) so after reading that…“I came into the game under the guys,” Trina told Steve Lobel exclusively. Diamond Princess album After promotion for her debut album ended in mid, Trina began recording music with Missy Elliott to create her second studio album.The third season of Keyshia Cole: Trina also started her own record label, Diva Enterprises now DP Entertainment , and by September had signed an artist, Lil Brianna , who was nine years old and working on her first album.

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