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Apparently this is a fairly common problem with XP, as there is a lot of discussion about this across the Internet.

I haven't found the right fix yet, and am trying to avoid reformatting, which I can do as a last resort.

Then go to "authentification" tab and untick the box saying "Enable IEEE802.1x to the availiable network" and that should solve your problem Graham UKRight, Graham's solution worked for me.

To resolve i went to the manufacturer site and downloaded the latest drivers for the wireless card, and any other drivers i could.

Then when all was lost I thought as "asdfsadf" did.

It turns out that I was using a specified DNS server when I set up a static IP address for port forwarding for my u Torrent connection.

If your extended Wi-Fi network name is different from the main router (e.g.

My Home on the router, My Home_EXT on the range extender), please connect to the extended Wi-Fi (e.g. In case both Wi-Fi network names are the same (e.g.

Check Specify Authentication mode and choose User Authentication.

Click OK to close Middlebury College Wireless Network properties.

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