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Still, on this day, English, who is 42, will lead me through the whirlwind that consumes his life while fueling his ego.

He'll speak on a panel at a restaurant financier's convention, make the rounds at his restaurant, and drive out to Henderson, Nevada, to witness the construction of his latest endorsement project — the Todd English Kitchen.

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“Even when he was little, he'd come to bat, and everyone in the outfield would just back up,” recalls Wendy.

It's the site of Olives Las Vegas, the first restaurant English opened outside of his hometown.

The first colony of the English empire, if you will. But English has just passed through the most difficult year of his life, which included lawsuits, reports of shrinking earnings, a soured partnership, a rocky marriage, health-code violations at the flagship Olives, an intervention by friends alarmed at the effects of all this stress, and enough bad press to bring Rome to its knees.

These are characteristics he is all too aware of, he says. I've had to learn how to put myself out there and be the politician, kissing babies and working the room.” Learned or not, his timing couldn't have been better.

“A lot of people think I'm arrogant,” English says. Thanks to exposure from the Food Network, the cloning of upscale restaurants in far-flung places, and six-figure book deals, chefs are famous in ways they weren't 20 years ago, when they toiled facelessly in their kitchens.

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