Timberlake samberg dating game

You can also check out Timberlake’s performances of “Suit & Tie” and “Mirrors” here.

I've mentioned here before about the hilariousness of the Lonely Island crew and, more recently, the presentation of some of their work on Saturday Night Live's "Digital Shorts" series.

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After watching the full sketch below, check out Ryan Mc Gee’s recap of last night’s “SNL” here.

As expected, J-Tim and A-Sam stole the show with such immortal lyrics as “Lay you down slow and do you right/Both of us railing on your butt/Romance” and “Girls can’t get pregnant in the summertime/It’s a known fact, and that’s that/So throw away that jimmy hat girl/Science.” I’m still trying to decide which one I like better, but it’s hard.

"I consider Justin a friend, but those ['D**k in a Box'] guys are inseparable," he joked.

"The funny thing is, Justin and I have become inextricably linked because of those videos.

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