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Additionally, they may also be unequipped to recognize the warning signs of abuse and provide support and resources to students facing dating violence.The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) has recently created and released a curriculum aimed at equipping teachers and students with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to Take a Stand FOR Healthy Relationships (The lesson plan below addresses this topic using teen voices and in a way that resonates with teens. All lesson plans purchased will be sent to you as a PDF by e-mail within three business days after your purchase.If you don't receive your lesson plan(s) contact us at 848-445-7929.Additionally, information and support resources and materials are provided to educators and students on the topic of teen dating violence and how to best support those experiencing or witnessing abuse. This school-based domestic violence prevention curiculum teaches students to recognize and prevent teen relationship abuse. Parent workshop information and school staff development materials are also included. The information and/or materials posted regarding Relationship Abuse Prevention are used with the permission of the Human Resources Administration of the City of New York.

The bill requires public schools to incorporate dating violence into their policies prohibiting harassment, intimidation or bullying.As an educator, you are in frequent contact with students who are experiencing abuse for themselves or who know someone who is.Often this issue is met with silence in schools because teachers and educators are overwhelmed with a myriad of day-to-day demands and expectations.As a service provider I know how much time and effort goes into even the simplest of these activities.But sharing the workload is just one reason to collaborate.

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