Swiss dating culture

Oprah traveled to Zurich, Switzerland, recently to attend the wedding of Tina Turner who has lived in the tony Zurich suburb of Küsnacht since 1995.

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In a visit to South Africa some years ago, a group of young women from Limpopo province glowingly told us how Oprah is a role model for them who as a person of color and as a woman made it in a world dominated by white men.

Switzerland still lacks any authoritative mainstream voices–like Oprah–who can talk about race from a minority viewpoint.

As the clumsy and insensitive commentaries in the Swiss press indicate, the Swiss have a long way to go to develop an understanding of the subtle ways of racism in our globalized world.

Giving gifts are fine, as well as flowers, but do not expect too much emotion and gratitude.

They appreciate these things but they are expected.

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