Steps for updating hpux with update ux extremelye succesfull dating guide guaranteed pdf

The names should be meaningful swlist –l bundle –s $PWD # Initializing… # # Target: myhost:/Depots/tmp/depot # 201510HPUXPATCHMYCOMPANY B.20 MYCOMPANYFALL2015 QPKAPPS B..411a Applications Patches for HP-UX 11i v3, March 2015 QPKBASE B..411a Base Quality Pack Bundle for HP-UX 11i v3, March 2015 Next step copy them to a single install point: swcopy -x enforce_dependencies=FALSE -x reinstall=TRUE -x write_remote_files=TRUE -d -s $PWD \* @ /Depots/B.11.31/2015FY_second … WARNING: “myhost:/Depots/B.11.31/2015FY_second”: The software dependencies for 4 products or filesets cannot be resolved.

GUEST-LIB B.04.00 Integrity VM GUEST-LIB fileset 200903081306.51 configured # vm Provider B.04.00 WBEM Provider for Integrity VM vm Provider 200903081306.59 vm Provider.

On three of the servers, the daemons refused to run normally.

The following error was recorded in the file /var/opt/perf/Unable to find newly enabled CPU.

VM-PROV-CORE B.04.00 WBEM Provider for Integrity VM VM-PROV-CORE 200903081306.59 configured Tags:, high capacity volume group, HP-UX, hpux, Ignite-UX, patches, patching, SD-UX, SDUX Problem: After being Ignited superman lost most sd-ux functionality.

Note: superman (not its real name) is a vpar running on a superdome complex.

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