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It’s not his most fully realized effort, but on the page, it’s a lot of fun and it’s not surprising that it’s come to the screen twice.As we’ve seen already, the recent Owen Wilson-starring version was a misfire, but unfortunately, the 1969 original was nearly as problematic.Today sees the release of a sparkling new Criterion version of “ To Yuma,” the perpetually-underrated 1957 Western that’s somewhat overshadowed by the more recent 2007 remake.

The 1969 film was hardly some unimpeachable classic (see below), the thought of moving the story to Hawaii to add some color wasn’t a bad one and director George Armitage had shown plenty of capacity for this kind of thing in the past, as the man behind “Miami Blues” and “Grosse Pointe Blank.” But given the result, it’s understandable that Armitage has been stuck in director’s jail ever since.Moved from the Michigan setting of the novel to California, it stars Ryan O’Neal as Jack Ryan, with the “Love Story” actor’s then-wife Leigh Taylor-Young as Nancy, James Daly as the villainous Ray Ritchie, Van Helfin in the Morgan Freeman part of the local judge, and Lee Grant, the best thing in the movie, as a tragic local single-mother, a part excised completely from the remake.The two films are an interesting case-study, because they each miss the mark, in entirely different ways — if you were somehow able to combine them, you might somehow get close to something pretty good.There’s plenty of other colorful figures knocking around, most memorably Michael Jai White as Glover’s Machiavellian bodyguard (and least memorably, Andy Dick as a movie producer), but the cast have such low star-wattage (Burke in particular virtually fades into the background) that it’s never especially entertaining, even if Matthau has directly transposed much of Leonard’s dialogue, which crackles, but never takes off.More crucially, the writer-director ensures that the wacky dial has been turned up to 11 which 1) doesn’t make it any funnier and 2) undermines the more serious elements — it’s hard to take a shine to the ker-azzzy characters when there’s a sexual assault sub-plot in the mix as well.

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