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Nerd Nite is an evening of empirical entertainment, back from the dead. Michael is a Therapist and former Research Counselor. The CDC recommended avoiding California lettuce last month due to an outbreak of e-coli O157: H7, one of the nastier varieties!

He also has a history of anxiety disorders and panic attacks, particularly involving public speaking. There are plenty of nasties that also like to munch on the same foods humans do, and over the years we’ve learned tips and techniques for stockpiling fresh food to eat later while avoiding unpleasant, and sometimes deadly, consequences. Unlike that time at your thesis defense, drinking and good-natured outbursts are encouraged!

Bring your laptop, notepad, vellum & inkpot, mnemonic memory palace, what-have-you.

We’ll provide the friendly setting, the wisdom of our experience, and the tips & tricks that will take your talk from “well, that was interesting” to “holy shit my mind is blown!

One used charm, one used brute force, and one played politics with a skill that would have made Machiavelli go pale and clutch nearby furniture for support.

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Bring your math puns, your historical shout-outs, your Millennium Falconry.

Even the ones who won pretty much only succeeded in painting targets on their backs for the next guy. They each got closer to pulling it off than the men who ran the Empire would be comfortable admitting, and more importantly for our purposes, they all made for one hell of a story. We have a wonderfully varied mix of topics this month! I hope it does because otherwise it isn’t doing it’s job properly.

Kevin Curran is a Chicago attorney at a non-for-profit agency working with survivors of domestic violence. Join us for a drink (or drinks) as we learn about what happens when your brain freaks out, why your grandmother told you not to leave out potato salad, and how protecting the children from movie influences morphed into mass murder being less scary than a penis. The Vagus Nerve manages your cardiovascular system and your flight or fight responses, but there is so much more.

In the midst of today’s divisive rhetoric, the fourth American Dream Reconsidered Conference addresses immigration, citizenship and pursuit of the American Dream.

Political leaders, grassroots activists and award-winning authors debate what it means to be an American — and how we can spark change in our communities.

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