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The Borough highly values the health, safety and general welfare of our minors and has a vested interest in preserving and nurturing them as a valuable asset and investment in Edinboro's future.Persons under the age of 16 are vulnerable to be pressured to participate in violent unlawful activities and to be victims of perpetrators of violent crimes due to their general lack of maturity and experience.The Council for the Home Rule Borough of Edinboro, recognizing the problem of crimes committed by and committed against minors during the late night and early morning hours and believing that it can be dealt with more effectively by regulating the hours during which minors may remain in public places and certain establishments without adult supervision, and by defining more clearly certain duties and responsibilities upon those who have custody and responsibility for the care of such minors, hereby enacts this Part with the intent of promoting the general welfare and protecting the general public through the reduction of juvenile violence and crime within the Home Rule Borough of Edinboro, promoting the safety and welfare of the Borough's minors whose youth and inexperience renders them particularly vulnerable to becoming participants in criminal activity and victims of perpetrators of crime, and fostering and strengthening parental responsibility for children.Shall refer to unforeseen circumstances, or the status or condition resulting therefrom, requiring immediate action to safeguard life, limb, or property.Minors who are present in public places during the late night and early morning hours are particularly vulnerable to being victimized and abused.The Borough needs effective tools available to protect minors from the dangers that exist in the late night and early morning hours at public places. charged a local man with the 1983 murder of his wife, providing a reminder that even decades-old "cold cases" are never totally forgotten.

Before taking any enforcement action under this Part, a police officer shall ask the apparent offender's age and reason for being in the public place.For the purpose of this Part, any person shall be deemed to be 16 years of age on the date of his or her 16th birthday and not before this time.Any individual, firm, association, partnership or corporation owning, operating, managing or conducting any establishment.The officer shall not issue a citation or make an arrest under this section unless the officer reasonably believes that an offense has occurred and that, based on any response and other circumstances, no exception set forth in § 6-403 applies.The officer may issue a citation against the minor and/or the parent.

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