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Layers of cheesecake and pumpkin make up this crazy delicious no bake dessert, just make sure you have about 4 hours to refrigerate it! Get the recipe for these chocolate oatmeal bars here! This easy icebox cake only has 5 steps, so you definitely won’t be in over your head on this one. This is a great recipe to pop in the fridge before bed! (And it will look like you spent hours on it.)Check out this coconut cream pie recipe here!Layer your two fillings in a ready-made pie crust, and you will have a delicious Black Forest Cheesecake pie by morning! This is one of the best no bake desserts if you are short on time! (You may never want to go back to the real kind ever again.) Plus, how beautiful are the colors of this dessert? Another no bake dessert that only requires 5 ingredients!

Sprinkle this no bake dessert with chocolate chips – or any of your favorite toppings! From the decadent Oreo filling to the white chocolate shell, you will have a tough time eating just one.

It includes rice, roasted vegetables, and teriyaki chicken.

It hits multiple food groups and will fill you up until you have time to make dinner.

Then in the morning you heat it and take it on the go.

All you need for this are oats, blueberries, water, and maple syrup.

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