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While his mother drove taxis and mixed vats of broccoli and tahini at the local yoga studio, Schreiber learned to adapt to adversity and isolation.It is a script he did not write but that has stayed with him and left its mark on his psyche.Ryder has spoken publicly about why she hasn't been married yet, citing a fear of being divorced."I'd rather never have been married than have been divorced a few times," she told Entertainment Tonight in July.As a friend of the couple, Clooney probably isn't going to break it off with Amal and swoop in to start a relationship with Jolie anytime soon -- but we can dream.Brangelina through the years Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may have split up, but these red carpet moments will last forever.

It is a way of connecting but also distancing, as if he's excavating himself from memory. on a Friday and we are standing outside his trailer in a parking lot on the set of both of us gripping paper cups filled with Turkish coffee as the Los Angeles dusk dissolves into night.Everyone knows how the Brangelina love story began: Back in 2004 when Jolie and Pitt co-starred in "Mr. Smith." Perhaps the actress should go back to the drawing board and see if she feels sparks with another former co-star.Luckily for her, Jolie's "Salt" co-star Liev Schreiber just ended an 11-year relationship with Naomi Watts.Penn's list of charitable endeavors is also lengthy.Perhaps his most memorable: He went to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to aid victims.

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