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He thanked Amber for her influence with this, and apologized to Amber for having been caught up in the intense media coverage surrounding this case.

Scott also writes that he was hoping for a preliminary "trial" to occur so that the case will be dismissed.

Peterson had 12 Viagra tablets in his car when he was arrested.

The judge allowed police officers to list the other contents of the overstuffed Mercedes, including survival gear and nearly ,000 in cash, but not the erectile dysfunction cure. Even when polygraph tests are administered, the results are generally inadmissible in court.

On 5-5 at approximately 0825 hours, in the Stanislaus County Court Building in the hallway near Department 8, I saw Kirk Mc Allister standing in the hallway.

I know Kirk Mc Allister as a local criminal defense attorney and have had dealings with him in the past on criminal cases that I was working.

I approached Kirk and said good morning and shook hands with him and he reciprocated.

16, 2002 -- less than a week before his wife went missing.When questioned about the framed fakes by lead investigator Craig Grogan, Peterson said they were not part of an effort to reinvent himself, but a gag gift from his wife, who liked to tease him about how long it took him to finish his degree.Detectives noted the diplomas were charged to his credit card and shipped to him.Police found pornography on Peterson's computer, including images of bestiality and bondage and an essay called "Raping the Teacher." According to a Modesto Police Department report, "Investigator Kirk Stockham conducted a search of data contained in four computers seized during search warrants for his residence and worksite.Stockham said three of the computers were used exclusively by Scott Peterson and had been used to obtain information regarding Viagra, to obtain information regarding the Berkeley Marina and water currents, and contained extensive pornographic images and sexually explicit writings.

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