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Erin is really good at reading the room and personalities and figuring out what's going to work and not work for group shots, and she's so great at making you relax and have fun if you start out uncomfortable in front of the camera.She's also so good at getting things done quickly!Her GORGEOUS work speaks for itself, hire this queen and her dream team of assistants and you will not be disappointed!! happened, but thanks to Erin we got to see through the photos.We both thought it was so important to have a photographer that made us feel comfortable, and one that wasn't striving to take a million of the same rigid photographs.Erin and Brandon were always around to capture the best moments, and also helped ease stressful times. Hiring Erin was one of the best decisions we made with regard to our wedding. The moment I saw our wedding picture preview, I burst into tears. But her meeting helped us narrow in on our date and we made sure to pick one SHE made sure that I felt beautiful and she made an effort to connect with everyone at the wedding! Besides being one of the coolest people I've ever met, Erin was always super responsive with communication, a very helpful resource when it planning our timeline, and an overall calming and supportive presence on our big day. She had managed to perfectly capture our special day and I am forever grateful that we will have these stunning images to remind us of our wedding. I first found Erin on Instagram and fell in love work while simultaneously falling in love with my future husband. She captured our best day as not just beautiful pictures, but as magical moments shared between ourselves, our kiddos, and our family. From our first meeting I knew she was the perfect choice to capture our wedding exactly how I wanted it to be.Erin captured so many emotions and important moments during the day, it honestly seems like there were 100 of her!How could she be in all of the important places at once?? She made us laugh and we had so much fun working with her.

Our friends and family raved about how comfortable they made everyone and obviously how gorgeous this pictures are. I feel so grateful that I was able to have Erin as a part of my day. I cannot recommend Erin and her team highly enough People at our wedding probably thought Erin was a family member.

Not only did she capture incredible photos, but we really felt that she cared about us and our day.

I would recommend Erin to anyone looking for a photographer, and I already have!

They are not just photographers, they are family and that is exactly how you should feel on your wedding day! Erin was the very first vendor we booked, I reached out to her right after getting engaged, before we even had our date yet.

When we received all of our photos back, we were blown away with the quality and how many amazing shots there were! She had photographed a friends wedding and I had never seen wedding photos like them before, they were full of natural ...light, and genuine smiles, and silly candid moments, they were just plain gorgeous, and you could really feel how happy everyone was just from looking at the photos.

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