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further to my last post, i have created new AD machine accounts in existing OU's that are being scanned.The new machine accounts do not come into the collections at all. The Problem with Active Directory OU integration with Collection is solved. It sounds like Jon and others are giving you great advice and you are solving many of your problems.On rare occasions I've had to delete the client certificates on the affected machine and then repair/reinstall the client, or just delete the object itself from the console and let it rediscover.Microsoft are aware of the fact that some machines list as not having a client even though its properties show it has one.But only few clients are updated from Active Directory OU. As for the clients displaying as 'No', is your SCCM management point functioning correctly? I would start off looking at the client status side.I have installed SCCm clients on all machines and i can get inventory/Remote Tools etc from these machines but the clients Status is NO in Collection. Check the Site Status of the Primary Site and check that there are no errors in SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER component. Don't forget SMS/SCCM takes time for things to get updated, so it may be that the info for the client hasn't gt through yet. Note you don't want to set these very short or your client data will be getting deleted due to relatively brief period of inactivity.

The ability to dynamically add computers to device collections in SCCM is useful because it means that software can be deployed simply by adding a computer into the relevant Active Directory group.

Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. At a minimum it must be longer than the heartbeat frequency of the clients.

Visit Stack Exchange In sccm 2012 my device collection(all system) is not updating properly.

For this Query Rule to work the group must have been discovered by SCCM, it will not be in the list otherwise and will not work if it is just typed in, (the bottom line is it must be visible in the list).

Note that if the group is not in the list them AD group discovery need to be configured in the Administration tab of the SCCM Console (Administration Active Directory Group Discovery): (Back to where we were) Click Ok: Click Ok: Click Ok: Click Ok: Now you can add the devices to the group in Active Directory.

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