Ryan reynolds dating

I think it's the best way to have a relationship is to start as friends."Friends that end up with fireworks — I dig it!And it looks like these two were onto something, because they ended up getting married about a year later in September 2012, with a surprise wedding at Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.Ryan Reynolds is currently married to Blake Lively.

I'm talking about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, obvi, because these two are just so talented and hilarious that I live for their relationship. Seriously, how did Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds meet? Turns out, the couple's "how we met" story sounds more than a little like a lost episode of costar Penn Badgley (a.k.a. Dan Humphrey) and Ryan was married to actress Scarlett Johansson. She was on a date with another guy and I was on a date with another girl."Why, oh why did someone not turn this tricky little excursion into a scene in a movie?No joke, they are probably the happiest, most perfect duo I have ever seen, and I need to know how they got this way. Still, the pair became good friends — so much so, in fact, that a year later when Blake was single and Ryan had just finalized his divorce from Scar Jo, they decided to go out on a double date together, only with other people! Or an "That was the most awkward date because we were just like fireworks coming across," Reynolds continued."It was weird at first but we were buddies for a long time.Secondly, and most important, the way you look at your date denotes if you are interested in her.Keep eye contact to show you really are listening to the women standing in front of you, in such way you can make sure to win her over!

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