Rihanna dating colin farrell

Looking rather like a 1980’s Jamaican chav who’s been styled by Salt ‘n Peppa she’s traipsing around in what looks like her version of Sin City whilst singing the wildly annoying Rude Boy lyrics.

Not a fan of the psychedelic look, quite frankly that kind of cheapo porn star video went out years ago, and that bit on the Zebra…

It's good to see you, baby.' "He gives her another squeeze, then ducks through the kitchen and out the back door.

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say; “The photos were taken in a Los Angeles emergency room where Rihanna was being treated after she was assaulted.

(She is) pictured with large welts above each of her eyebrows, marks on both of her cheeks and a split lip.

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But his quiet exit didn't stop the gossips from going into overdrive, claiming that Farrell and Rihanna had secretly dined together and he left separately in an effort to avoid a story about the budding romance. OMFG, I love this story so much; 16 year-old Justin Bieber (who also has a girlfriend in the form of Selena Gomez) found himself sat next to Rihanna at the NBA all-star basketball game and properly tried it on with her. First off, Rihanna is like FAR too old for him, and secondly, when she has Colin Farrell texting her all manner of sauciness, what on earth is she going to see in a floppy-haired little boy? Ruth.x Rihanna performs on stage at the The BRIT Awards 2011 at O2 Arena on February 15, 2011 in London, England.She got stuck in a massive fly screen for a bit, swanned about in a red dress, then obviously got fed up of being so ladylike and instead set the stage on fire and walked around in her underwear for a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I think Rihanna is alright, but she’d been bleating on about how this performance was going to be her raunchiest ever, and aside from walking around dressed like she’d got lost on her way to the local brothel, I don’t really get what was raunchy about it. And her boobs nearly came out of that pair of curtains she wore to collect her award., the 'S&M' singer has been in constant contact with Farrell since meeting him before Christmas when they both appeared on Graham Norton's chatshow.After swapping numbers, Rihanna is said to have repeatedly sent flirtatious messages to the actor. He reckons he might well be in there," a source said. " Farrell ended his relationship with girlfriend Alicja Bachleda-Curus, with whom he has 16-month-old son Henry, late last year.

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