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You enter the VAT identification number by prefixing the country code of the country issuing the VAT number.For example, you enter the VAT ID 12345678981 issued by Italy as IT12345678981 into the Tax field.

For example, if you specify in the Localization Country Code field, you can still validate tax IDs for other countries.

You use this consultation number to prove to a tax administrator of a member country that you validated the VAT identification number and obtained a validation result.

The system fetches the requestor's VAT identification number from the address number of the business unit.

When you create an address book record for which you do not want to validate the tax ID, use the country code that does not have a 1 in the Special Handling field.

In the EU, the VAT system for intracommunity trade exempts member states that dispatch goods from paying VAT if the receivers of the goods in the other member states are taxable persons who will account for the VAT on receiving the goods.

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