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When he meets Lois Lane, he expresses his distaste for vigilantes, particularly "the Blur" (Clark Kent).

Corben is "reactivated" in the episode "Upgrade" after Tess' scientists are able to correct the initial design flaw in the Kryptonite heart that causes an adrenal overload and resulting psychosis.

He appeared in the 1987 pilot of Good Morning, Miss Bliss as Adam Montcrief.

Producer Aaron Spelling has stated that Green was cast in the role of David Silver much because he felt that Green's own personality resembled the personality they wanted that character to have.

The character is a war-time reporter, similar to the Silver Age John Corben.

As a back-story for this version, he had been recently stationed in Afghanistan.

Prior to his role on Beverly Hills, 90210, Green had a recurring role for three seasons (1986–89) on the CBS primetime soap opera Knots Landing, playing the role of Brian Cunningham, the son of Abby Cunningham Ewing (Donna Mills).

He reprised his role in the television miniseries Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac (1997).

It was pre- all that."The couple began dating in 2004 and got engaged in 2006, and although they briefly called off their romance in 2009, they reconciled and married the following year.In 2008, Green was cast as Derek Reese in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a Resistance fighter sent to the past by the future John Connor.His character is killed by a Terminator in the penultimate episode, but another Derek from an alternate timeline is introduced in the series finale and would have remained on the show if it had been renewed for a third season.He plays Keith Watson, Bree's contractor and lover for the first part of the season.In 2012, Green had a guest appearance in the sitcom Anger Management playing Sean, the boyfriend of Charlie's ex-wife, Jen in the first episode of the show.

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