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I might see if I can be referred to Swindon for scans, etc., but still see the Chippenham midwives and have my baby in Chippenham.Hi, I've just checked the place where I had my 3D/4D scan last time and they do 2D dating and reassurance scans too from 8 weeks.I certainly don't have £100 to spare to get one done sooner : S They also didn't have any prescription exemption forms left at the surgery so I have to wait till the Midwife gets round to contacting me! Hi, I'm in Calne too and have just heard the same thing.I moved house twice during my last pregnancy, so had the 12 week scan in Reading.

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The scans only cost £75 during the week, so cheaper than Bath.This meant that I had to travel to Bath several times for extra checks, but the everyday checks were still done with the Chippenham midwives if that makes sense.Basically, if there were concerns, I think you would have to travel backwards and forwards to Bath or Swindon, so there would always be a bit of a journey involved.We weren't prepared to pay the £120 for the scan privately. I've been to the doctors today & he also mentioned that I might not get a scan till I'm 20 weeks (although he did say this might be changing in the near future).I have to say I'm very disappointed as it's my first baby and would like to know sooner rather than later that everythings going ok.

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