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When it comes to local culture, religion plays a vital role in society and an even bigger part in Polish culture.

When it comes to social structure, family is right at the heart of everything and family obligations will always come first.

As a country the minority populations are concentrated around the borders with the German minority mainly residing near the city of Opole in the southwest.

In Warsaw and other major cities there has been a recent increase in the inward migration of other nationalities.

Whilst government officials are more likely to maintain a high level of formality, it is possible that entrepreneurs will dispense with such rigidity.

In general, it is wise to follow your colleagues’ lead when it comes to the tone of a meeting.

There are a number of officially recognised minority languages that are spoken in Poland; Belarusian, Czech, Lithuanian, German, Slovak, Russian, Ukrainian Armenian, Hebrew, and Yiddish, and there is also one regional language; Kashubian English is the most common foreign language spoken in Poland.

With a rich history that can be traced back over hundreds of years, Poland has a unique and diverse culture.

This inner nucleus is made up of family and close friends, with interaction within this group and with outsiders being very different.

Capital: Warsaw Population: 38,628,927 (2016 est.) Climate: July is the warmest month (27°C), and December the coldest (-10°C).

Nationality: Polish 93.52%, Silesian 1.09%, German 0.28%, Belarusian 0.12%, Ukrainian 0.12%, Kashubian 0.04%, Romani 0.03%, Other 4.80% (2011 census) Religions: (Based on 2011 survey of 91.2% of the population) Roman Catholic 87.5% (around 75% who are practicing), Opting out of responding 7.1%, Non-believer 2.4%, Not stated 1.6%, Eastern Orthodox 1.3%, Other religions 1%.

The good news is that citizens of the EU do not need a work permit to work in Poland at this time, and there are plenty of print and online publications available with dedicated job sections.

Having a local bank account is essential for the day to day and also so that your employer can pay you.

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