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Randy Jackson of American Idol is not related to Michael Jackson, Steven Randall "Randy" Jackson who replaced Jermaine is Michael's youngest brother. He then cheated on her to produce his other daughter, Genevieve Jackson.They got divorced but he continued dating the woman he cheated with, Oaziaza, and had his only son to her called Randy Junior, in 1991.It also featured Abdul preparing for and making a variety of public and/or television appearances.Abdul's persona on Hey Paula was considerably less genial than that of her established reputation as "the nice one" on American Idol.

Paula's boyfriend throws her a birthday party and surprises her with her dad and other family members.

on Being a Judge | A Tribute to ‘Idol’ | Lee De Wyze on Singing ‘Hallelujah’ | Allison Iraheta on Her ‘Idol’ Gig |Todrick Hall on Post-‘Idol’ Fame | Inside ‘Idol’: Show Creator Simon Fuller and More Give It Back“Simon had been doing the show in the U. I came from an entirely different background as a performer, so I know what it’s like to be up onstage and to be vulnerable and to put yourself out there.

It took me a while to learn how to give it back [to Simon], but boy, was it fun once I did.“ Threaten To Quit“In the beginning, it was appalling and shocking that someone could speak so harshly of these people.

The series was also broadcast in Britain on the ITV2 channel and Arena 105 in Australia.

The program showed the private life of Paula Abdul as she promotes an upcoming season of the Fox series American Idol while simultaneously developing the Bratz movie as well as a new fragrance line.

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