Outlook 2016 sharepoint calendar not updating loney wives dating club tyler

An error popup:"The server to which you are trying to access uses an authentication protocol not supported by this version of Office".In the Send/Receive windows: "Sharepoint activity error (0x80070005): insufficient permissions.....bla".

The issue reproduces in every new Outlook profile created and the calendar cannot be synchronized in cached mode.

But when a meeting time changes or is otherwise modified, the changes only apply to the event on either my personal calendar or the Share Point calendar (wherever I made the change).

I need to delete the existing event on the other calendar and then recreate the event.

I kind of assumed that the calendar would be synced to my Mail Account on any other platform.

So I added the calendar to Outlook in Windows, BUT it doesn't appear on the Mac App, Email on the Web, or the mobile client. What if a user gets a new computer and has to install Outlook on that computer. Before I roll out anymore of these I want determine what is going on.

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