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This is the strangeness and hollowness of today’s celebrations: they are spearheaded by the kind of MPs and columnists who often repeat the anti-democratic prejudices of those who agitated against The Vote.

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Even after 1884, however, as a result of franchise caveats related to what kind of property one lived in, 40 per cent of men were still denied the vote. And it granted the vote to women over 30, with some property qualifications.Which is this: the political elite fears the voice and voting power of ordinary men and women as much today as it did back then.It still views the people, whatever their sex, as a mob in waiting, a visceral threat to the wise political guidance that the better sections of society might provide the nation with.Don’t buy into the BBC-led, Labour-cheered national celebration of The Vote today, for it is being pushed by people who harbour the same ugly, pleb-allergic prejudices that animated those who opposed universal male suffrage and partial female suffrage 100 years ago.Indeed, we might need to rethink the dictionary definition of the word ‘chutzpah’.

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